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Do you have sitters who are experienced with special needs?

Yes! We have several sitters who are experienced with special needs, including (but not limited to) Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, Down syndrome, and Type 1 Diabetes. Please include any information you’d like for us to know about your child’s special needs in the “special care instructions” box in your sitter request, and we will be sure to book a sitter who is comfortable working with those needs.

What if my child has allergies?

Don’t worry! We have sitters who are experienced with food allergies and administering EpiPens in case of an emergency. Please include any information you’d like for us to know about your child’s allergies in the “special care instructions” box in your sitter request, and we will be sure your sitter is aware of this information ahead of time.

Are your sitters CPR certified?

The majority of Smart Sitters are currently or formerly CPR certified. If CPR certification is a must for your family, please indicate such in the “special care instructions” box in your sitter Request.

Do you run background checks on your sitters?

Yes. During the selection process, background checks are run on our potential sitters through eNannySource.com – Business News Daily’s 2018 pick for “best background check service for household employees.” This background check includes a nationwide criminal records search, Social Security number trace, and national sex offender registry search. Prior to 3/01/18, potential sitters were required to undergo background checks through the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

Potential sitters are also required to submit certified driving records from each state in which they have held a driver’s license.

Are you insured?

Smart Sitters South Carolina has home health care general liability insurance. However, our sitters are not individually required to carry insurance.

May my sitter take my child on outings?

Yes! Your sitter may take your child on outings. Please make a note in the “special care instructions” box in your sitter request if you would like for your sitter to do so. If your sitter is expected to drive your child in his or her own vehicle, please be sure to compensate him or her for mileage, as well as any additional expenses incurred on the outing. Also, please be sure to provide a car seat for your child, if necessary. You are also welcome to provide a vehicle for your sitter to drive!

Our sitters are required to have valid driver’s licenses and car insurance.

What do I do if I need to cancel my sitter request?

You’re free to cancel your sitter request at any time!

If you need to cancel before your sitter reservation has been confirmed via email, please email and let us know. We will immediately stop the search for a sitter, and you will not be charged a booking fee.

If you need to cancel your sitter reservation after it has been confirmed via email, you are still responsible for paying the applicable booking fee. We will notify your sitter of the cancellation.

If we receive notice of your cancellation 4 hours or less before the scheduled request, you will be billed a $35 cancellation fee to compensate your sitter for lost wages.

This cancellation policy applies even if your sitter request was submitted and confirmed last-minute.

What happens if my sitter cancels?

If your sitter must cancel due to an emergency, we will immediately work on finding and confirming a replacement sitter. In the rare event that we are unable to find a replacement sitter, you will be notified via text or email, and your booking fee will be refunded to you.

Why do I pay a booking fee in addition to paying my sitter?

Booking fees do not cover any part of your sitter’s services. These fees cover the work that is done to post your request in our database and disseminate it to our sitters, place and book the sitter for the job, and screen your sitter.

Booking fees are the agency’s sole form of income. If Smart Sitters did not charge these fees, our on-demand placement services would cease to exist. Even if you book the same sitter for multiple dates, you are still responsible for paying a separate booking fee for each date. This policy is in place because your sitter becomes unavailable on our roster to take other jobs on each of those dates.

Do I have to pay a travel fee?

Clients with addresses located outside of Greenville are required to compensate the sitter an additional $10 travel fee per sitter reservation.

This travel fee applies even if you live close to the city of Greenville.

How do I pay my sitter?

You should pay your sitter directly with cash or check made payable to him/her, or via PayPal, Venmo, or other similar money transfer apps. Smart Sitters does not receive any percentage of your sitter’s pay, including travel fees and tips.

May I tip my sitter?

Yes, you most certainly may!

My we contact our sitter directly to request him/her for future dates?

All sitter reservations must occur directly between you and Smart Sitters. Clients are strictly prohibited from contacting sitters directly to book jobs. ‘Under the table’ sitting will be cause for (1) immediate termination of the offending sitter’s membership with Smart Sitters, and (2) immediate discontinuation of Smart Sitters’ services to the offending client.

May I request a specific sitter?

Yes! You may choose to request a sitter you’ve had before that your child loves. Or, you may even choose to request a sitter based on the information in his or her profile. If you’d like to request a specific sitter, simply specify that sitter’s name in your sitter request.

What if I need a sitter for multiple dates?

If you need a sitter for multiple consecutive or non-consecutive dates that do not involve overnight stays, simply submit a separate sitter request for each date using the “On-Demand Care” form.

If you need a sitter for multiple consecutive dates that require overnight stays, simply submit your sitter request using the “Overnight Care” form.

Are your sitters employed by Smart Sitters South Carolina?

Although our sitters undergo a rigorous selection process, they are not employees of Smart Sitters South Carolina. Instead, they are self-employed and subscribe to a monthly membership with the agency.

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