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On-Demand Care

Minimum Sitter Pay Rates
  • – 1 child: $15/hour
  • – 2-3 children: $18/hour
  • – 4-5 children: $20/hour
  • – 6 children: $25/hour
Booking Fees1
  • – Weekday: $15
  • – Weekend2: $20
  • – Short Notice Enhancement3: + $5
  • – Holiday Enhancement4: + $10


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Overnight Care

Minimum Sitter Pay Rates
  • – 1 child: $15/hour (active hours)
  • – 2-3 children: $18/hour (active hours)
  • – 4-5 children: $20/hour (active hours)
  • – 6 children: $25/hour (active hours)
  • plus $50/overnight stay fee
Booking Fees1
  • – Weekday: $20
  • – Weekend2: $25
  • – Short Notice Enhancement3: + $5
  • – Holiday Enhancement4: + $10
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Special Event Care

Big events can be stressful, but childcare doesn’t have to be. Let us take that stress off your shoulders so you can focus on all the other important details.

Our Special Event Care is great for weddings, parties, large groups, & more!

Minimum Sitter Pay Rate
  • $25/hour (per sitter)

Booking Fees1
  • – Special events: $25 (per sitter)
  • – Short Notice Enhancement: + $5 (per sitter)3
  • – Holiday Enhancement: + $10 (per sitter)4

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Church Nursery Staff

Looking for the perfect sitters to staff your church nursery? Look no further. Smart Sitters works with many churches in the Upstate to provide supplemental nursery staff for bible studies, worship services, home groups, and other church events.

Minimum Sitter Pay Rate

Churches may set their own pay rates.5

Booking Fees1
  • – Weekday: $10
  • – Weekend2: $15
  • – Short Notice Enhancement3: + $2.50
  • – Holiday Enhancement4: + $5

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Regularly Scheduled Care

Searching for a part-time or full-time placement sitter can be a daunting task. If you need regularly scheduled care for a season, we can help.

Minimum Sitter Pay Rates
  • – 1 child: $15/hour
  • – 2-3 children: $18/hour
  • – 4-5 children: $20/hour
  • – 6 children: $25/hour
Placement Fees
  • – 1 day/week: $10/week ($10/day)
  • – 2 days/week: $19/week ($9.50/day)
  • – 3 days/week: $27/week ($9/day)
  • – 4 days/week: $34/week ($8.50/day)
  • – 5 days/week: $40/week ($8/day)
  • – 6 days/week: $45/week ($7.50/day)
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Siter-to-child ratio must not exceed 1:6.

1 All booking fees are charged per sitter per request (or per sitter per night for Overnight Care).

2 “Weekend” denotes Friday evenings (i.e., sitter reservation begins or ends after 6:00pm), Saturdays, and Sundays.

3 Short Notice Enhancement applies to all same-day and next-day requests.

4 Holiday Enhancement applies to New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day Weekend, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day Weekend, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day requests. Sitter pay should be increased by $5/hour for services rendered on holidays. Smart Sitters reserves the right to implement “surge pricing” for booking fees during periods of high demand (e.g., local events such as Fall for Greenville, Artisphere, euphoria Greenville; holiday weekends; etc.).

5 Churches must compensate sitters a minimum of $40/job, regardless of the number of hours the sitter works.

Our payment process is simple & easy.

Clients receive an invoice via PayPal for booking fees at the time the sitter is booked. This non- refundable fee is due before your sitter arrives.

After care, clients receive a second invoice to cover sitter rates.

A few additional details to consider when booking with Smart Sitters:

Sitter reservations are required to last for a minimum of 3 hours. In the event that a sitter reservation lasts for a period of time less than 3 hours, you must still pay the sitter for 3 hours of her (or his) time. [Does not apply to Church Nursery Staff]

Clients with addresses located outside of Greenville are required to compensate the sitter an additional $10 travel fee per sitter reservation. [Applies to On-Demand Care, Overnight Care, and Special Event Care only]

Please note that booking fees are due upon receipt of invoice. If payment is not received in advance of your sitter reservation, the reservation will be cancelled. If you elect to cancel your sitter reservation after it has been confirmed via email, you are still responsible for paying the applicable booking fee.

If you elect to cancel the sitter reservation less than 4 hours before the reservation is scheduled to begin, you will be billed a cancellation fee of $35 to compensate the sitter for lost wages. If you must cancel the sitter reservation due to severe weather conditions, this rule will not apply. [Does not apply to Regularly Scheduled Care]

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